For my father, the hunting and the dogs were very important parts of his life. Already in 1950th he bought his first smooth foxterrier for hunting. Before that he had a wire foxterrier bitch, bought as a adult about 6 years old.

The breeding started in 1957 and the name “Järvsöstigens kennel” was established in 1964. During my fathers active years, which were from 1950th into the end of 1980th he brought up approximately 100 different litters of foxterriers and there where app. 30 that became hunting champions in fox underground hunting.

At least three different dogs became both show and hunting champions. He received ”Hamiltonplaketten” 1979. It’s an award from the Swedish Kennelklubb given to a breeder which has during at least 10 years successfully driven a kennel with both good results, titels and a good keeping standard.

I joined the kennel in 1982 and we have the same name even though I today live 200 km north from the city “Järvsö”, where I grow up and the rest of my family still lives. My father died in 1995 after suffering of Alzheimer’s decease for at least 12 to 15 years.

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