I started my breeding in 1989 with the first litter. The bitch was selected from one of my father’s litters. Information about all litters is available on the page “Valpar”. It is in Swedish so I have summarized some information here.



Litter 25 Wachtelhund: Father Tranhalsens Bobby Mother: Congratz Morgana

Litter 24 Father Forsrävens Fjant. Mother Järvsöstigens Sarka

This is the first time we had really severe problems. She had 5 puppies and then, more than 30 hours later we saw that it was one puppy still unborn. It ended up the Sarka died, three puppies aswell. Two survived and belong to the kennel. The male (Kallax) lives in Finland. 

Järvsöstigens Starke Kallax

Järvsöstigens Starka Stella


Litter 23 Father: SEJ(g)CH Badgerhills Mikko. Mother Järvsöstigens Sarka

Järvsöstigens Walter

Järvsöstigens Wille

Järvsöstigens Wox

Järvsöstigens Wera-Svea

Järvsöstigens Wira


Litter 22 Father J Järvsöstigens Rakke. Mother: Imens Fjant
Born: 2017-07-11

Järvsöstigens Vidar

Järvsöstigens Vidar


Järvsöstigens Valkyria

2018-06-10 Dog show jkl: Very good
2018-08-20 BPH (Mental description)
2019-05-25 Dog show ukl: Very good

Järvsöstigens Vittra

2019-06-16 Dog show ukl: Very good
2019-10-03 Hunting undergound trial: 1st price


Litter 21 Father: J Hjärtareds Putte.  Mother: SEJ(gs)Ch FINJ(g)Ch SEVCh Järvsöstigens Sisqa.
Born: 2016-07-17

Järvsöstigens Ulex
2017-09-17  Approved underground hunting trial

Järvsöstigens Urax

Järvsöstigens Ursus

Järvsöstigens Sarka


Litter 20 Father: SEJ(g)Ch Höjdfallets Twix. Mother: SEJ(gs)Ch FINJ(g)Ch SEVCh Järvsöstigens Sisqa.
Born: 2015-05-01

Järvsöstigens Trizz
2016-05-28 Show result Very Good Junior class
2017-05-06 Show result Very Good Open class
2017-05-28 Approved underground hunting trial

Järvsöstigens Troxx
2016-04-10 Show result Good Junior class

Järvsöstigens Tizzla
2016-05-28 Show result Excellent Junior class
2016-06-18 Approved underground hunting trial
2016-08-12 Approved Initial Blood tracking trial
2016-10-16 Show result Very good Hunting class

Järvsöstigens Toxxi

Järvsöstigens Tuzzla



Litter 19 Father: SEJ(gs) Järvsöstigens Qvick. Mother: J Lyerbakkens Senna
Born: 2014-03-10


The parents

Järvsöstigens Stig-Larry
2015-11-01 has done mentaldescription
2016-05-28 Show result: Very Good Open class

Järvsöstigens Terry

Järvsöstigens Selina
2015-09-20 Approved underground hunting trial
2016-04-10 Show result: Very Good J(Hunting) Class

Järvsöstigens Selma
2015-08-25 Show result: Very Good UKL Youth class

0406_ute för första gången 0406_matdags

Litter 18 Father: J Mollystams Digger. Mother: J SEJ(gs)Ch SEVCh Järvsöstigens Sisqa
Born: 2012-12-26

Järvsöstigens Rakke
2014-06-15 SKK, Avesta Int dog show: Excellent ukl
2014-07-05 SGK, Mora Approved underground Initial trial.
2014-09-07 SKK, Högbo dog show: Very Good (hunting)jkl

Järvsöstigens Rapunzel

Järvsöstigens Rita
2014-06-15 SKK, Avesta  Int dog show: Very good ukl

Järvsöstigens Riva


Litter 17
Father: J Rappalyckans Dick. Mother: J SE VCh SE UCh Nika Tuskulum.
Born: 2009 – 12 – 04  3 males and 3 females.

Dick is a dog from genuine Swedish hunting lines. His mother origins from my Kennel and the Litter No 7. He is an effective underground hunting dog.

Järvsöstigens Bosse

Järvsöstigens Quattro
2011-05-12 Approved Blood tracking trial
2011-07-03 Excellent, Hunting Class NKK Dog Show in Trondheim

Järvsöstigens Qvick
2011-04-03 Mental description with good results
2011-05-07 SKK National Show: Junior class: Excellent
2011-07-21 Approved Beginner Undergorund trial
2011-07-31 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
2011-09-18 Approved Underground trial
2011-12-10 Approved Initial Blood tracking trial
2011-12-12 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-12-21 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-12-28  1 price Blood tracking trial
2012-01-09 Approved underground hunting trial (fox hunting)

Järvsöstigens Qessie

Järvsöstigens Quizla
2010-09-18 The initial blood tracking trial is done with maximal trial points
2011-05-29 Approved Underground trial beginner
2011-06-18 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
2011-06-18 Approved Underground retrieving trial

Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2010-09-07 The initial blood tracking trial is done with maximal trial points
2011-05-19: 1 price Blood tracking trial 35 p
2011-06-08: 1 price Blood tracking trial 37 p
2011-06-18 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
2011-06-19 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
2011-07-09: Approved Beginner, Underground Hunting trial
2011-07-10: Very good Hunting class Dog Show SKK/Alfta
2011-07-26: 1 price Blood tracking trial 37 p
2011-08-07 1 price Blood tracking trial 42 p.
2012-03-19 Approved underground hunting trial (fox hunting)


Previous litters

Järvsöstigens Salli had two litters with SFJ(g)Ch Int & Nord UCh Wolfheart Reduta. From the second one I saved Järvsöstigens Silla.

Silla had four litters all with males from genuine hunting lines. These litters resulted with three hunting champions:

SJ(gs)Ch FINJgCh Järvsöstigens Flisa

SVCh Järvsöstigens Ossie

J SVCh Järvsöstigens Sessan

The next bitch I saved was Sessan and she had also four litters, from witch it has come three champions:

J SVCh Järvsöstigens Silva

SJ(gs)Ch Järvsöstigens Indra

SJ(gs)Ch SVCh Järvsöstigens Sickan

Silva was the bitch which I saved and she had only two litters, and she is now living with a young friend and his family. Her litters have so far resulted in the first double hunting champion, both fox and badger.

SJ(gs)Ch SJ(gf)Ch Järvsöstigens Niska

The last four litters have Nika Tuskulum as mother. These puppies are all in active ages and the first champion is:

SEVCh Järvsöstigens Magda
SEVCh Järvsöstigens Popcorn
SEJ(gs)Ch SEVCh Järvsöstigens Qvick
SEJ(gs)Ch  SEVCh Järvsöstigens Sisqa

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