12 November 2022
This year has been a very tough year. We lost both Sarka, 6 year and Sisqa 12 year.

Sarka died when giving birth to a litter, where one puppy died inside and she did not recover after the operation. Our old dog Sisqa had a very good life but we think she got a cerebral haemorrhage. We decided to put her to sleep.

Two puppes survived and I am really thankful for that.

A new breed; Wachtelhund (German spaniel) litter did lighten up our life.

Now we have Lea and Stella and we really hope that we will have them for many years now.

22 February update
Järvsöstigens Vittra has in october 2021 managed her second first price in underground hunting (foxhunting). One more to go for the championship. Congratulations.

15 February update
It is now confirmed that Sarka is pregnant, done by Ultrasound. The litter is, by the veterinarian expected to be born in the end of march.

January update
Our bitch Järvsöstigens Sarka has been mated with Forsrävens Fjant.
They are both lovely family dogs and effective hunting dogs. They are used mainly in underground hunting on fox, badger and at visits in Finland on racoon dogs.
Sarka is also trained in blood-tracking and used for search for wounded animals in traffic or hunting.
The puppies are expected in the middle of March.

The Pedigree

A very sad and lonely year due to alla Corona restrictions 


During 2020 a litter was born and information is available in the ”Litter” page.


All puppies are sold and have also moved to their new homes. I will now concentrate in training of both Sarka and Lea for different hunting and tracking activities.

Litter 22 was born, one male and three female puppies.

A new dog moved in to our house and kennel.
Wachteln Congratz Morgana also called ”Lea” will be the new hunting dog and we are really looking forward to this acquaintance.


A new litter has been born on the kennel. Mother is Sisqa and father is the effective hunting dog, Hjärtareds Putte. More information can be found on the Litter page.

kullen 1 dygn_1

This weekend Our own ”Breed” club ”Rasklubben för Släthårig foxterrier” held an official dog show and my kennel participated with four dogs. From left to right in the picture are:
Järvsöstigens Tizzla: ”Excellent” Junior class
Järvsöstigens Stig-Larry: ”Very Good” Open class
Järvsöstigens Trizz: ”Very Good” Junior class
Järvsöstigens Qvick: ”Very Good” Hunting class

Deltagande Järvsöstigare på Rasklubbens utställning

Deltagande Järvsöstigare på Rasklubbens utställning

Järvsöstigens Sisqa is now mated with J Hjärtareds Putte and we are expecting the litter in the middle of July and they will be ready for sale and delivery in the middle of September

J Hjärtareds Putte

J Hjärtareds Putte

A national Dog Show was performed yesterday 10th April in Sundsvall
in the picture the  three black and white dogs from the left side are from Ghastly´s and Trudies kennel. The other dogs are all from Järvsöstigens Kennel.


The final results for the dogs representing my kennel was:
Järvsöstigens Troxx, Junior class ”Good”
J Järvsöstigens Rakke Hunting Class ”Very Good”
J Järvsöstigens Selina Hunting Class ”Very Good”.

A new litter is planned, hopefully during the spring this year. The bitch, Imens Fjant will be mated with Järvsöstigens Rakke, from Litter No. 18. Both dogs are effective underground hunting dogs especially foxhunting.

En kväll på det finska foxlägret 2015

Imens Fjant, en kväll på det finska foxlägret 2015


Järvsöstigens Rakke


Stig-Larry, Litter 19, has done mentaldescription

Some show and hunting results are presented for Litter 19, Selma and Selina

Litter No 20 is born. Parents are SEJ(g)Ch Höjdfallets Twix and our bitch Järvsöstigens Sisqa.


At the end November, Järvsöstigens Sisqa and Järvsöstigens Piolie did some underground hunting in Finland.


A new bitch is now owned by the kennel. Imens Fjant, which is a grand daughter to Nika Tuskulum so I am very happy and looking forward to see what comes out for her.


Järvsöstigens Sisqa has started in Norway trying to reach the Norwegian Hunting champion title. She made very good trials. Three 1 prices and one 2 price, but we are still waiting for the certificate which is needed. 096_1

Järvsöstigens Rakke Approved Initial Hunting trial. It is now Three trials left for the champion title.

Show results Avesta Int Dog Show
Järvsöstigens Rita Very good ukl
Järvsöstigens Rakke Excellent ukl
Järvsöstigens Sisqa Very good Hunting class
Järvsöstigens Popcorn Very good ökl

Now the time with the puppies has come to an end. New owners will hopefully have long nice time with them.

Sisqa has won a new hunting Championship, she is now Finnish huntingchampion. She was very tired after the journey to Finland.

sisqa finsk champion

The litter is born, two male and three female.


Lyerbakken’s Senna is mated with SEJ(gs)Ch SEVCh Järvsöstigens Qvick. Two very effective underground hunting dogs. The puppies are expected to be born in the beginning of March so the delivery will be in the beginning of May.




Lyerbakken’s Senna has during the summer and autumn started her way to huntingchampion. The show result was ”Excellent” in Huntingclass and she is also half way through the hunting trials. Two more first prices are needed.



In Memorian:
Nika Tuskulum:
The time with one of my  loved dogs is over. She will forever have a special place in my heart. She became Showchampion, Trackingchampion and took also price in hunting trials.

However, I will never forget her and I will always be reminded of her, because on my birthday this summer I got a gift from my family that I will be forever grateful for. A wooden staty of the one and only Nika Tuskulum.

R I P  


Now the time with the puppies are over. They have all moved to their new owners and I hope that they all will have nice lives. Here are some pictures from their first time in their lives.

Koll från snöhög

Möte med stövare


The litter was born 2012-12-26. There are three females and one male. They all seem to be fine, eating and sleeping.

Hanvalpen har fem prickar på kroppen, han ligger omgärdad av sina systrar.

A new litter is in progress. The birth is planned to week. 52, which is the christmas week! Nice christmas gift, I think.
The father is Mollystams Digger, an effective underground hunting dog and very nice temper inside together with us. I had the privilege to borrow him during the mating time. He has started the trials for hunting champion and will hopefully manage the last ones this winter.
Mother is Järvsöstigens Sisqa our young bitch and she  is already both Undergroung hunting and Blood tracking champion.

Mollystams Digger (Alvin) och Järvsöstigens Sisqa


Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2012-03-19 Approved underground foxhunting trial


Järvsöstigens Qvick
2011-12-10 Approved Initial Blood tracking trial
2011-12-12 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-12-21 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-12-28  1 price Blood tracking trial
2012-01-09 Approved underground foxhunting trial



Järvsöstigens Popcorn
2011-09-17 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-09-24 1 price Blood tracking trial
2011-09-30 1 price Blood tracking trial HP

Järvsöstigens Qvick
2011-09-18 Approved Underground trial foxhunting


Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2011-08-07 1 price Blood tracking trial 42 p (Maximum) Club winner (Local Underground Hunting Club)

Järvsöstigens Qvick
2011-07-31 Approved Underground trial foxhunting


Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2011-07-26 1 price Blood tracking trial 37 p


Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2011-07-10 SKK Nat Dog Show ”Very Good” Hunting class
2011-07-09 Approved Underground trial beginner

Järvsöstigens O’Tyson
2011-07-05 NTK 1 price Blood tracking trial  42 p
2011-07-10 SKK Nat Dog Show ”Very Good” open class


Järvsöstigens Quizla
2011-06-18 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
Approved Underground retrieving trial

Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2011-06-18 Approved Underground trial foxhunting
2011-06-19 Approved Underground trial foxhunting


Järvsöstigens Quizla
2011-05-29 Approved Underground trial beginner

Järvsöstigens Sisqa
2011-05-19: 1 price Blood tracking trial 35 p
2011-06-08: 1 price Blood tracking trial 37 p

Järvsöstigens Popcorn
2011-05-18: Approved Initial Blood tracking trial


Järvsöstigens Qvick
2011-04-03 Mental description with good results
2011-05-07 SKK National Show: Junior class: Excellent


November 2010

Last week in November we went to Finland to visit Piolie and to hunt of course. During three days it was good weather for underground hunting.

During these days Nika, Piolie and Sisqa helped us to hunt down 10 raccoon dogs, 5 badgers and one fox.

October 2010

24 October: Nika managed her first approved swedish hunting trial in underground hunting. Also Mixx got an approved hunting trial a hunting character trial, which reflects some of the hunting skills. Both of them got ”very good” for the work in front of the badger.

10 October: SKK show in Sundsvall
Järvsöstigens Popcorn 2 ukl.

September 2010

Both Sisqa and Quizla has started their blood tracking trials and the first trials are now finished and with maximum points for them both!!

July 2010

2010-07-31 Popcorn did a mental test, more information is available on SKK data

June 2010

Sisqa has been on her first training for underground hunting. It was stated that she is very promising. I am looking forward to next year when we can start on the trials and hopefully going towards the hunting championchip. The short film shows the beginning of first training in a den containing a badger.

February 2010

Now are all the puppies sold and we really wish them all the luck in their new familys.


December 2009

Nika has now got her fourth and last litter. She was mated with a good underground hunting dog. the puppies were born 4th December.

October 2009

The first weekend in October both Tyson and Charlie visited us with their owners and spent some time here and started on both shows and tracking trials.
Charlies results: 1st Price in Blood tracking . On the show 1 ökl, CK
Tysons results: 1st Price in Blood tracking . On the show 1 ökl.


September 2009

Järvsöstigens Niska has now become  Hunting Champion for both Fox (earlier) and Badger. The final trial was 13th September!!

July 2009

Recent Results:

Järvsöstigens O’Charlie won his first Certificat on a Dog Chow at 14th June

Järvsöstigens Niska became Hunting Champion (Underground, fox) also at 14th June, after that she has taken the first step to Hunting Champion on Badger with an approved first trial at 17th July.

Järvsöstigens Oknytt managed the first Blood tracking trial at 10th June.

Congratulations to all of you.

Piolie and Popcorn are now sold and we wish them and their owners good luck.

May 2009

Nika is mated with Swedish Hunting Champion Rävaskallets Flex and the puppies were born 2009-05-12. Two bitches


December 2008 Summary for the autumn 2008

Järvsöstigens Magda has now become Swedish Blood tracking champion the 2 October.

Some of Nikas youngest puppies have also started at some trials.

O’Charlie has taken the first trial in Blood tracking and O’Tyson has two results in underground hunting.

One is a test of the dogs character at contact with the trial animal. The other trial is a retrieving underground trial.

July 2008 Recent results for some of the dogs from my kennel

Nika became Swedish Show Champion the 1st of June in Norrköping. I am so happy that we now can end this carrier. At the World dog show in Stockholm she was showed for the last time in an official show. Vladimir, her breeder did a good job handling her and the jugdement was ”very good”.

Järvsöstigens Sickan became a Bloodtrackning champion the 15th June.

Järvsöstigens Magda has now 2 prices in bloodtracking and has now one more to go, for the championship.

Järvsöstigens Niska has also taken her first steps to a hunting championship. At the show in Borås 28th June she got the nessesary show result and the day after she managed her first hunting trial.

Congratulations to all of you

April 2008

Now the hunting season is ended, and the summer with shows and trials is coming.

Nika has started her hunt for the third cerificat for the Swedish show championchip, this weekend she ended in third place so we will continue this, for me not so popular activity. Her puppies are all very nice in apperance and hopefully some of them will be introduced to hunting this autumn.


October 2007

2 October: Magda managed approved beginner trial in blood tracking.

August 2007

The 9th August Nika got her puppies: 3 male and 3 bitches. Now we all have a lot to do, and they all are feeling well

June 2007

Nika is mated with Järvsöstigens Laser and the puppies will be born in the beginning of August

On our vacation this summer we went for a visit to Kennel Tuskulum, in the Czech Republic. We also participated in a Underground trial in Slovakia, which was very interesting for us. Järvsöstigens Mikis managed a third price at the trial, a good job for a beginner!!

Maj 2007

At the Finnish underground trials 4 – 6 May Flisa managed an A degree trial and became both Swedish and Finnish hunting champion.

Nika managed an approved standard trial and her son Mikis showed a big talent for foxbolting.

March 2007

Now we have two more hunting champions from the kennel.

Järvsöstigens Indra 25/2 and Järvsöstigens Sickan 3/3 Congratulations

Nika became the working dog 2006, a price won in the ”Club for Smooth Foxterrier”. In this Price the bloodtracking, underground hunting and show results are counted together.


October 2006

Nika is now Swedish blood tracking champion.

The puppies are sold and now the hunting season is the highest priority.

August 2006

Nika has started her show carrier in Sweden, up until today she has won two certificats and one CACIB. One more certificate is needed for the Swedish Championship.

She has also managed the first step in the blood tracking, now we are planning for the three 1st prices necessary for that champion title.

Silva has now her second litter, with one male and two bitches, all looking very nice.

One step closer to her hunting champion title (foxbolting) is Järvsöstigens Indra (Nelly), when she was judged as the best dog in the trial in Mora 13th August.


In may 2005 Järvsöstigens Flisa became Hunting Champion (foxbolting). She is the first hunting champion in the Kennel after 1990 when I started my breeding.

Other champions are ”Blood Tracking Champions”:
Järvsöstigens Sessan
Järvsöstigens Silva
Järvsöstigens Ossie

Late in December 2005 Järvsöstigens Sickan got her second price in foxbolting. Now we are waiting for the last one and a show price for her title.

My plans for 2006 are to train Nika in hunting and to start her at some shows.

Silva will be mated sometime in summer, the father is not decided yet.

November 2005

I went to kennel Tuskulum in the beginning of October, had a very nice time there, visiting hunting trials, evening hunting and sight seeing in the Zlin area (recommended if someone wants to see Czech Republic). And as the most exciting part, the purchase of a new brood bitch to my kennel. The goal with this is to import some new hunting dogs that can be used in Sweden both in practical hunting and as new brood dogs for the people that are interested. And with 6 new lives the beginning looks promising…

6th November Nika Tuskulum got her puppies 3 males and 3 females. The father is Kilian od Rytire Malovce.

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